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24 Mar 2015  |  National Dental Centre
Event:Paediatric Dentistry Lecture Series: Changing Paradigms in Caries Management & Treatment Planning in Paediatric Dentistry
Time:5.30pm - 9pm (Accredited for 3 CPE points)

NDCS Auditorium, Level 8

Audience:General Practitioners, Dental Officers, Dental Therapists, Oral Health Therapists

Dr Md Badrun Nafis (Senior Registrar) and Dr Tan Wee Kiat (Senior Consultant & Head), Paediatric Unit, Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS

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Organiser:Care and Partnership Programme (CaPP), NDCS
Contact:Ms Jenny Lam (Tel: 6324 8865)

Changing Paradigms in Caries Management

Speaker: Dr Md Badrun Nafis (Senior Registrar), Paediatric Unit, NDCS

Synopsis: The understanding of the caries process has evolved over the years. Evidence shows the primary pulp to have greater reparative ability than we initially thought. For many years, we were taught that pulpotomywas the preferred treatment over indirect pulp capping, for deep caries in the primary dentition. Is this really true?  What  factors would influence our decision to use one over the other,  what success rates are we looking at and what material would we use?  This lecture shares with you the new paradigms in deep caries management in primary teeth.


Treatment Planning in Paediatric Dentistry

Speaker: Dr Tan Wee Kiat (Senior Consultant & Head), Paediatric Unit, NDCS

Synopsis: As undergraduates, we are often taught treatment planning in a dogmatic fashion, first you do this then this. However the reality is that crafting a treatment plan that works is the most challenging part of paediatric dentistry.   This lecture takes you through the guiding principles of treatment planning and shows how we can sometimes have hits and misses.  Through case discussions, and examples, we learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in treatment planning as we attempt to elevate this skill from a piecemeal approach to a holistic one.

1 Apr 2015  |  National Dental Centre
Event:The Perio-Medical Link
Time:6pm - 7pm (Accredited for 1 CPE Point)

NDCS Training Room, Level 8

Audience:Specialists, General Practitioners & Dental Officers, Dental Therapists & Oral Health Therapists

PROF FRANK ABBAS, DDS, PhD, FDS RCSEd, Centre for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene of the University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG), University of Groningen

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Organiser:Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS
Contact:Ms Jenny Lam (Tel: 6324 8865)

Periodontitis is influenced by genetic, microbiological and lifestyle factors, e.g., smoking and medical condition. On the other hand, periodontitis also has an impact on general health. These mechanisms will be discussed as well as the effect of periodontal treatment. Special focus will be on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, implication for general practice will be discussed.

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