Multidisciplinary Services


Multidisciplinary Services

Multidisciplinary management of patients with complex oral needs has been core to our clinical practice since it started operations in 1997. The aim of the multidisciplinary programmes is to provide co-ordinated care for patients by streamlining clinical processes.

Over the years, the programmes have developed both clinically and operationally, with increased capacity to meet the needs of more patients. Care is optimised and delivered at a single location, creating convenience for patients and allowing for informed inter-professional decision-making during treatment.

Multidisciplinary services include:

Geriatric Special Care Dentistry Clinic 

The Geriatric Special Care Dentistry Clinic (GSDC) is set up to provide specialised and holistic dental care for the elderly and special needs patients. Managed by a multidisciplinary team of dental specialists, general dentists and oral health therapists, they are equipped to handle elders aged 65 years and above suffering from physical and functional limitations due to geriatric conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy or previous stroke with debilitating disabilities. The clinic is specially equipped to treat patients with mobility issues, including those who are bed-bound or wheelchair-bound. This includes special needs patients; patients who require closer dental monitoring after receiving head and neck radiation therapy; and medically-compromised patients requiring dental assessment and clearance prior to medical treatment.  

Corrective Jaw Surgery

The National Dental Centre Singapore has the most comprehensive and experienced team to manage patients with dentofacial deformities and malocclusions who need jaw surgery. The team, comprising surgeons, orthodontists, pedodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists manage about 200 cases every year, the highest volume in Singapore.

The one stop facility with state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging technology benefits patients with complex conditions. There is interdisciplinary collaboration with the Sleep Clinic for the management of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Orthognathic Surgery Clinic: NDC Team Discussion
Orthognathic surgery has been offered as part of the Centre’s comprehensive range of oral healthcare services since the 1980s. Combined clinical conferences to identify potential treatment problems, so multidisciplinary solutions can be derived before surgery. The Orthognathic Surgery Clinic within the Centre for Corrective Jaw Surgery attends to groups of conditions which may benefit from orthognathic surgery including

  • Maxillary and/or mandibular facial skeletal deformities associated with masticatory malocclusion
  • Facial skeletal discrepancies associated with sleep apnoea, airway defects, soft tissue discrepancies
  • Temporomandibular joint pathology 

Cleft Lip & Palate Clinic:
Children with cleft lip and palate patients have special concerns related to their teeth and jaws. As the cleft child grows, so does the number of treatment procedures as additional needs become obvious with the child’s growth and development. The Cleft Lip and Palate Team at NDCS comprises the pedodontist, orthodontists, prosthodontists and surgeons. The Clinic manages selected types of cleft lip & palate deformities from treating the cleft lip and palate to managing the associated dental conditions.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) & Snoring Clinic
OSA is a serious chronic medical condition with repeated collapse of the airway in the throat during sleep, causing breathing to be reduced or stop regularly, snoring, affecting sleep quality and increasing risk of cardiovascular conditions like heart attack and stroke. Some cases can be managed with custom oral appliances or corrective jaw surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists at NDCS are partners of specialist sleep teams of Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital and they work together to evaluate, educate and treat patients with such conditions. Multidisciplinary appointments and referrals are co-ordinated through our OSA Clinic coordinators.

Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

Oral and Craniofacial Implant Clinic: Prosthodontic Unit at NDC
The Oral and Craniofacial Implant Clinic (OCIC) brings together specialists from various dental and medical disciplines for joint management of complex oral implant cases as well as cases requiring implant-supported craniofacial prostheses for congenital deformities or following tumour resection or trauma. Our collaborating partners include the National Cancer Centre of Singapore, the Singapore National Eye Centre and private practitioners.

Treatment outcome audits are performed routinely as part of ongoing efforts towards achieving clinical excellence in patient management. The Clinic therefore maintains a database of every consecutive implant case treated for in-house treatment outcomes audit.

Prosthetics, Speech and Swallowing (PSSR) Clinic:

The PSSR Clinic within the Centre for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation aims to provide a comprehensive approach to managing patients with motor speech and swallowing disorders. Oral rehabilitation for patients with compromised oral functions is managed through combined clinics and specialised clinics. 

Collaborating with speech and language therapists from the Singapore General Hospital, the maxillofacial prosthodontist provides prosthetic intervention where necessary. The Clinic attends to patients with compromised oral functions due to the effects of head and neck cancer post surgical resection, radiotherapy and cerebral vascular disorders. 

Aesthetic Dentistry

Our aesthetic team of oral surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodontists collaborate to improve dento-facial aesthetics. Services range from teeth whitening, corrections of minor occlusions with porcelain veneers, improving facial contours (masseteric hypertrophy) with botuinium injections, to full range of orthodontics with or without orthognatic surgery.

In cases of anterior prosthesis such as implants or crowns, our periodontists work closely with prosthodontists to create a more natural looking appearance through gum contouring and periodontal surgery. 

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