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2 Nov 2017  |  National Dental Centre Singapore
Event:Foreign Body Ingestion - Timing and Action
Time:5.45pm - 6.45pm (Accredited for 1 CPE point)

NDCS Training Room, Level 8

Audience:Specialists, General Practitioners and Dental Officers

DR ONG WAI CHOUNG (Senior Consultant, Dept of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, SGH)

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Organiser:Dept of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Contact:Ms Rose Seo (6324 8817)
3 Nov 2017  |  National Dental Centre Singapore
Event:Understanding Dysphagia (in conjuction with Speech Therapy Day)
Time:6.30pm - 8.30pm (Accredited for 2 CPE points)

NDCS Auditorium, Level 8

Audience:Specialists, General Practitioners & Dental Officers, Dental Therapists & Oral Health Therapists

MS LEE YAN SHAN (Speech Therapist, SGH), MS MARIA SOCORRO CONCEPCION (Principal Speech Therapist, KKH) , DR QUEK HENG CHUAN  (Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS)

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Registration is FREE (limited to first 85 participants)

Organiser:Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS
Contact:Ms Rose Seo (63248817)

 Lecture 1:

Unraveling the mystery behind dysphagia: What you need to know about swallowing disorders 

Dysphagia is a swallowing impairment which can occur across age groups and in multiple medical conditions. Aspiration (i.e. food/fluids entering the lungs during swallowing) is a consequence of dysphagia. This may lead to aspiration pneumonia, which can potentially be life-threatening. Dental procedures for these patients may also pose an aspiration risk, because they may not be able to control fluids within their oral cavities or swallow excess water safely. This session will answer questions about the signs, prevalence and impact of dysphagia and the role of speech therapists in managing dysphagia. Strategies used by speech therapists to reduce inadvertent ingestion and possible aspiration of fluids and foreign objects will be discussed.

Speaker: MsLee Yan Shan, Speech Therapist, Speech Therapy Department, SGH

Lecture 2: Hand-in-hand with a PaediatricSpeech Therapist

This talk will provide a better understanding of a child's feeding and speech developmental milestones. It aims to answer some of the questions that parents may direct to paediatricdentists (e.g. How dental issues impact speech? Does tongue-tie affect my child's speech? Can my child eat biscuits even without teeth?) It also hopes to provide a clearer picture of some of the difficulties our patients may experience and give information about how dentists and speech therapist can work together to address these challenges.

Speaker: MsMaria Socorro Concepcion, Principal Speech Therapist, Speech Language Therapy Service, KKH

Lecture 3: Care for a D&D Dance? The Dysphagia & Dentistry Dance

The dental clinic practice may involve management of individuals with dysphagia. The oral health of patients must be maintained to reduce aspiration pneumonia. During dental treatment, steps must be taken to reduce risk of aspiration events. This session aims to highlight the importance of dentistry in patients with dysphagia. Strategies to prevent and reduce possible aspiration of fluids and foreign objects during dental treatment will be discussed.

Speaker: Dr Quek Heng Chuan, Consultant, Prosthodontic Unit, Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS

14 Nov 2017  |  National Dental Centre Singapore
Event:Paediatric Dentistry Lecture Series: Conference Pickings - SDF Updates and What's Trending in Paediatric Dentistry
Time:5.30pm - 7.30pm (Accredited for 2 CPE points)

NDCS Auditorium, Level 8 (

Audience:Specialists, General Practitioners & Dental Officers, Dental Therapists and OralHealth Therapists

DR TAN WEE KIAT (Senior Consultant, Paediatric Dentistry, NDCS)

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Organiser:Care and Partnership Programme (CaPP), NDCS
Contact:Ms Amber Chua (63248756)

Conference Pickings – SDF updates and what’s trending in PaediatricDentistry

 This is the second of our Conference Pickings series. We launched this series 2 years ago as a corollary to our PedoCaPP, to help members keep abreast of what’s hot and what’s not in PaediatricDentistry. Dr Tan shares what she has learnt from the annual meeting of the American Academy of PaediatricDentistry held in Washington DC in May 2017. In particular, she will take us through changes in the SDF protocol, and a better understanding of where this material is taking us.

Speaker: Dr Tan Wee Kiat, Senior Consultant, PaediatricDentistry Unit

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