Clinical Attachment - Undergraduate Elective

Clinical Attachment - Undergraduate Elective


Gain a head start on how dental specialists improve patients' lives in a major specialty institution and participate in a culture of inquiry in a local environment.

This programme offers you opportunities to:
  • Observe alongside Dental Officers or Specialists at diagnostic clinics to learn how theory is applied to practical use in a wide variety of real patient cases
  • Observe surgical procedures at the General Anaesthesia (GA) and Local Anaesthesia (LA) operating theatres, if the schedule permits
  • Be exposed to the learning culture that nurtures the nation's best clinical minds. Students can attend seminars, case presentations and literature reviews/journal clubs with NDCS clinicians
  • Observe at the Dental Imaging Unit, 3D Surgical Unit and/or Dental Laboratory (optional), for an all-round understanding of how dentistry is delivered to patients


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