Our Facilities

Our Facilities

NDCS is the largest dental specialty centre in Singapore. Spanning a floor area of approximately 13,000 square metres, our eight-storey facility comprises specialist outpatient clinics and features 103 operatories, a dedicated age-friendly clinic for the elderly and special needs, seven (7) operating theatres for surgical procedures and day recovery suites. In addition, the centre has three (3) fully-equipped dental laboratories, three (3) diagnostic and imaging units and a one-stop research and training office that spearheads the development of research, education and clinical initiatives.

State-of-the-art treatment technology at NDCS includes:


  • Wheelchair reclining platform - for wheelchair bound patients to receive dental treatment in their wheelchair, without having to be transferred into a dental chair.

  • Comprehensive 3D surgical planning facility - for the treatment planning of oral and craniofacial implants, corrective jaw surgery and maxillofacial prostheses. This includes, highly precise 3D digital modelling and 3D printing technologies to shorten the pre-surgery planning process - Improving patient care, quality and treatment outcomes.

  • Laser treatment for soft tissue lesions - Surgeries done with minimal bleeding, reduced postoperative pain and excellent healing.
  • Dental operating microscopes - Precise viewing of tooth during root canal treatment and surgical procedure.
  • Light-activated bleaching - To speed up whitening procedure.
  • Invisible aligners - Provides minimal adjustment discomfort and are barely visible compared to conventional wire/bracket braces.
  • Painless injection unit - a computerised system that delivers local anaesthetic to paediatric patients, that significantly reduces the pain and discomfort of tradition injections.
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