NDCS is a major tertiary referral centre for dental problems and orofacial disease, as well as a training and research centre for dental specialties.

Our researchers work on a variety of clinical and translational research projects including animal studies, laboratory-based projects, clinical studies and trials. Residents are exposed to clinical research and several clinicians have acquired PhDs.

The Centre through research, seeks to:

1) Improve the quality and outcomes of patient care in Dentistry in Singapore
2) Discover and develop new or novel methods of best treatment for difficult problems
3) Collaborate with other institutions locally or abroad to develop the best science and practice in both clinical care and research
4) Develop and grow the core of clinician researchers and scientists in NDCS needed to extend and deepen research in Oral Health Sciences.

The Centre inaugurated the Academic Centre for Oral Health Research in NDCS (ACORN) in 2008, in an effort to holistically integrate and coordinate the Research and Education programmes
Current research foci include mandibular reconstruction using bioscaffolds and endoprosthetic devices, oral physiology in post-radiotherapy patients, and quality of life studies in specific patient groups.

Research Facilities

As part of SingHealth, NDCS has access to the extensive core research facilities and collaboration opportunities within the cluster. This includes laboratory facilities capable of supporting research relating to molecular, immunological, histological, animal/ tissue and microbiological cells and tissue cultures.

The ACORN Secretariat provides core administrative and operational support for research and education programmes.


The Centre seeks to contribute and gain from the synergies in interacting with other institutions, locally and internationally. Our collaboration partners include:

- National University of Singapore
- National University Hospital, Singapore
- National Technological University, Singapore
- University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
- Mayo Clinic, United States of America
- University of Michigan, United States of America
- University of Wisconsin, United States of America
- Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
- Song Khla University, Thailand
- University of Berne, Switzerland
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