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Durga Sree Vijayan, Dental Surgery Assistant

Mobile Medical Team 1, Mandai Lodge and Tuas South View Dormitory



Durga and her team on their way to their station at a migrant worker dormitory.


When I was first notified that I would be redeployed, it felt like I was going for an excursion. Nervousness only kicked in when I attended pre-deployment briefings. At Mandai Lodge, many of the workers were worried about the swab test. They mistakenly thought that it would be a blood draw from the nose when they saw the swab stick going in. As I speak Tamil, I helped to answer their questions, and put them at ease. This experience was stressful, and I kept second-guessing myself even though I knew I was adequately protected and was practising proper hand hygiene. After a while, I felt more at ease, though it was challenging to work in the heat with full PPE.