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Willie Woo, Senior Manager, Operations Support

Willie Woo.jpg

Willie monitoring the thermal scanner at Level 1 of NDCS

Many changes have had to be made both to the patient journey and staff facilities, to keep NDCS safe for all. When DORSCON Orange was declared, we set up patient screening stations in the lobby. We also installed floor markings for safe distancing in the lifts and waiting areas, and limited access via the Level 2 entrance to disabled patients. As staff had to be segregated into teams for safe distancing, we had to increase the available space for them to take breaks in. We also had to earmark a space to hold suspected COVID-19 cases before transfer to SGH. Though some days are tiring and feel like a rollercoaster, I’m thankful for the Ops Support team and other colleagues who have helped to make all of these changes easier to implement.