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SSN Woon Lee Tian, Infection Prevention and Control

SSN Woon Lee Tian.jpg

Lee Tian preparing to transfer a suspect case of COVID-19.


It has been a very busy time for us, as we are called upon to manage screening of incoming patients. We have to be thorough as our colleagues risk being exposed to the virus when they provide dental treatment. Some patients can be nasty, especially if their appointments are deferred, though most are understanding. When we have a suspect case that needs to be sent to SGH A&E for further evaluation, we work as a team with PSAs, SOC-in-charge, security guards, cleaners and other staff activated to help with the transfer. I am very grateful that everyone does their part to keep NDCS safe, from clinical colleagues reminding one another about hand hygiene, to the MMD team that ensures a sufficient supply of PPE. I’m proud of colleagues are volunteering at the migrant worker dorms, and of the unity that we have in fighting COVID-19 at NDCS.