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Making a Global Impact from Singapore with Population Oral Health Research

Professor Marco Peres, Senior Principal Investigator, is no stranger to the global oral health research community. In the 33 years of his illustrious academic career, he has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers, edited three books, and supervised almost 40 masters and PhD students.

Professor Marco Peres.jpg

Photo montage of Professor Marco Peres and his family. Photos were taken during pre-pandemic times.

A pioneer in population oral health research, Prof Peres holds multiple noteworthy roles in international research organisations, including membership in The Lancet Commission on Oral Health.  Recently in July, he also took on the role of President of The International Association for Dental Research’s Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network.

“While working in public service dentistry in São Paulo, I had an opportunity to pursue a public health diploma, a masters, and years later, a PhD at the University of São Paulo after a PhD scholarship in London,” said Prof Peres of how his career began. “This changed my perspective about my career as I moved from the clinical to academics. I delved into teaching and research in epidemiology and public health.”

In 2020, Prof Peres and his wife A/Prof Karen Peres moved to Singapore, after six years of academic life in Australia, to further the research initiatives under the National Dental Research Institute Singapore (NDRIS). “We have long term plans to set up research platforms in population oral health, and we have started working on many projects since May 2020,” said Prof Peres, who leads the Singapore Oral Population Health Initiative under NDRIS. “We want to establish a world-class research group for population oral health in Singapore, and hope to influence policymakers globally,” he added.

Prof Peres has been married to A/Prof Karen Peres for 38 years. Back home, they have two sons and three grandchildren. “As we are both researchers in the same field, it is very hard to separate work and life. But we love the outdoors and since moving to Singapore, we have also bought two bikes for ourselves!” said Prof Peres.