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Mastoidectomy - Symptoms

Mastoidectomy - How to prevent?

Mastoidectomy - Causes and Risk Factors

Mastoidectomy - Diagnosis

Mastoidectomy - Treatments

Mastoidectomy - Preparing for surgery

Mastoidectomy - Post-surgery care

​You will be discharged from the hospital after a night’s stay after your operation. Sometimes, a "Day Surgery" option is also possible. Your doctor will discuss the various options with you. It is important that you observe water precautions after surgery and prevent water from entering the operated ear after the surgery, especially when showering. Also, avoid heavy lifting and straining / sneezing for at least 1 month after your surgery. Any external scars should also be taken care of. An ointment will usually be prescribed for you to apply on the external scar. Ear drops will also be prescribed for you to apply into your ear. Rest assured that the doctor and the nursing team will teach you the wound care and give you specific instructions prior to your discharge. A doctor’s appointment will usually be fixed for you about one week after your discharge to review your wound.

Mastoid dressing

There will be a bandage dressing placed around the head to apply local pressure to the wound and it will be removed by the surgical team on the following day. 

Wound care

Ear packing will be placed into the ear canal. You will not be able to hear well from the operated ear during the first 2 weeks after surgery due to the ear packing. There will be stitches placed behind the operated ear and will be removed a week after surgery. The ear has to be kept strictly dry after surgery to prevent infection. A cotton ball can be used to prevent fluid from leaking out of the ear and can be changed as necessary. However, deeper packing in the ear canal should not be tampered with.

Antibiotic eardrops will be prescribed and may be started immediately after surgery or later. 

Mastoidectomy - Other Information

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