Wisdom tooth Other area Acoustic Neuroma (Acoustic Schwannoma) Symptoms: One-Sided Deafness, Unsteadiness and Balance Problems, Facial Weakness or Paralysis, Headaches | National Neuroscience Institute
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Acoustic Neuroma - Symptoms

​Signs vary and include:

  • One-sided deafness, with noise in the affected ear (tinnitus). The deafness may be gradual or sudden and is experienced by 90% of patients
  • Inability to understand speech i.e. one can hear sounds but cannot understand what is being said
  • Unsteady gait and poor balance
  • Facial numbness and weakness
  • Swallowing problems

Acoustic Neuroma - How to prevent?

Acoustic Neuroma - Preparing for surgery

Acoustic Neuroma - Post-surgery care

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