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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery - How to prevent?

Orthognathic Surgery - Post-surgery care

​How do I look after myself after the surgery?

After the surgery, you will be prescribed medications to control pain and improve your recovery experience. Most patients are able to feed on liquid diet by mouth in the days immediately after the surgery. Your surgeons will walk you through your progress back to normal diet over the next few weeks during your postoperative visits. Proper oral hygiene care is crucial in preventing post-operative infections.

You are advised to avoid:

  • Vigorous physical exercises including swimming, typically for the first 3 weeks or until your wounds have healed.
  • Participation in contact sports and activities that may result in trauma to the face and jaws for 6 months to prevent accidental fractures of the healing bone.

The surgical team will be in the best position to educate you on post-surgery care advice, including feed and hygiene instructions, which are individualised to your needs.

Orthognathic Surgery - Other Information

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