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Photography Guide for Video Consultation

What you will need

  • Camera, or a cellphone with camera function
  • Cheek retractor from NDCS
  • Optional: A friend / family member / tripod to capture the photos


  • For clearer, brighter photos, ensure that the flash is switched on and that the photos are focused
  • Before using the cheek retractors, please wash well with soap and water
  • Label the right and left sides of the cheek retractor clearly with R and L respectively
  • Depending on your orthodontic case (refer to table above), please take the following views:

Image 0: How to position the retractor

  • Label your cheek retractor with R and L representing the right and left sides
  • Insert the cheek retractor into your mouth with the connecting arm resting on your chin

Image 1: Front

  • Bite down with your back teeth touching
  • Take a photo from the front

Image 2: Right

  • While still biting together, gently stretch the retractor on your right side further backwards so that the back teeth can be seen
  • Take a photo from this side

Image 3: Left

  • Repeat for the left side, while ensuring your back teeth are still biting together

​Image 4: Upper

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible and tilt your head backwards
  • Take a photo of the upper teeth, and capture as much of the biting surfaces as possible

Image 5: Lower

  • Look downwards and open your mouth as wide as possible
  • Pull the retractor gently downwards to slightly retract the lower lip downwards
  • Take a photo of your lower teeth, capturing as much of the biting surfaces as possible

​Image 6: Close-up

  • Remove the cheek retractor
  • Stretch your lips in a wide smile
  • Take a close-up photo of the front teeth from the side

Send these images in JPG/JPEG format to 7 days before your video consultation.

Ensure each image is < 5MB in file size. You may divide the attachments into more than one e-mail if required.

Please include the following details in your e-mail:

  • Name and NRIC
  • Date that photos were taken
  • Orthodontist