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Dr Jennifer Wong

  • Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Dr Jennifer Wong Tzu-Jung is a research fellow at NDRIS. Following several years working in the field of tobacco control, she received her Master of Science in Public Health from Emory University (2013) and PhD in Public Health, Social and Behavioral Science from the University of Florida (2017). She has received the Emory Global Health – China Tobacco Control Partnership Award and Grinter Fellowship Award from the University of Florida. Dr Wong’s previous training at the University of Florida has centered around understanding the relationship between substance use and social determinants, especially among vulnerable populations. Her doctoral dissertation explored factors related to smoking behaviors among Taiwanese lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) populations. She is currently collaborating with Dr Yi Guo at the University of Florida to assess oral cancer knowledge and screening behaviour among smokers and non-smokers by considering the interaction between race and social support.

Dr Wong has recently expended her research area to explore current oral health status among Singaporeans, especially among elderly populations, at different levels - from the individual to the population, and examining the factors that have an impact on their oral health. She is currently supervised by Prof Ecosse Lamoureux
on the development and validation of a questionnaire to assess patient satisfaction with complete dentures. Dr Wong is a co-investigator with Dr Yu Na on a study to validate the Singaporean English version of the Oral Health Impact Profile Questionnaire (OHIP-SGP14). She has also provided research support, including study design, sample size calculation and statistical analysis plan development, to Dr Chan Pei Yuan to secure the funding to implement the next stage of the community screening program to validate the oral frailty scale. She is also involved in the National Adult Oral Health Survey as a co-investigator.

Population health, instrument development and validation, patient reported outcome measures, tobacco control, oral and pharyngeal cancer, oral health-related quality of life, health disparities, rural health, cancer screening


Current Projects

  • Practice and correlates of providing smoking cessation assistance using the Ask, Brief, and Cessation approach among Oral Health Professionals (OHP) at National Dental Centre Singapore – PI
  • The development and validation of a questionnaire to assess patient satisfaction with complete dentures – PI
  • National Adult Oral Health Survey – Co-I
  • The PRevention of and InterVentIon for eye Diseases in the Elderly [PROVIDE] programme – Phase 1 (Oral Health)– Co-I
  • Validation of the Singaporean English and Mandarin versions of the Oral Health Impact Profile Questionnaire (OHIP-SGP14) – Co-I (pending)
  • Validation of the oral frailty scale – Co-I
  • Prevalence of erosive tooth wear and the risk associations on military personnel of the Singapore armed forces – Co-I
  • SingHealth cluster-level smoking cessation workgroup – Co-I

Publications and/or research projects

  1. Wong TJ, King JL, Pomeranz JL. Cultural variation in antismoking video ads between the United States, Taiwan, and China. Health Educ Res 2016, 31(5):603-13. Doi:10.1093/her/cyw034.

  2. King JL, Wong TJ, Merten JW, Pomeranz JL.  Assessing attitudes toward nicotine replacement therapy for adolescent smoking cessation. Florida Public Health Review 2016;13:24-8.

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  4. Wong TJ, Li Q, Dodd V, Guo Y. Oral cancer knowledge and screening behavior among smokers and non-smokers. (Submitted to The Journal of Rural Health)