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Cl A/Prof Marianne Ong Meng Ann

  • Senior Consultant and Director (Education), National Dental Centre Singapore
  • Clinical Associate Professor and Programme Associate Director to Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) Periodontology Residency Training Programme, Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore
  • Member of the Specialist Committee for Periodontology, Department of Preventive Dentistry, Clinical Faculty Scheme, Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore
  • SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC ORH ACP Academic Vice Chair, Education
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
  • Chair and Vice Chair (Graduate Dental Education) SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Dentistry

Over the past two decades, Prof Ong has been involved in clinical dental education of the oral health care team (dental assistants, oral health therapists, dental officers, residents, registrars, associate consultants) whilst maintaining an active clinical practice in periodontics in NDCS. She is presently Clinical Associate Professor and Programme Associate Director to the Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontology) Residency Training Programme, Faculty of Dentistry, NUS. She enjoys the opportunity to educate and mentor graduate students. Her first foray into research started during her 3-year periodontic residency programme at the University of Michigan in the mid-1990s. Over time, her research with collaborators focuses on clinical outcomes and patient reported outcome measures in relation to non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy. She has a particular interest in periodontal regeneration and mucogingival considerations in the periodontic-orthodontic interrelationship. Recently she started working with her residents on a clinical trial studying the clinical and microbiological effects of probiotics in combination with non-surgical therapy in patients with periodontal (gum) disease. She also contributes to the dental profession through her involvement in professional bodies and providing continuing education talks both locally and regionally.

Research Focus Areas

Clinical trials looking at clinical outcomes, quality of life in relation to non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy

Current Projects

  • Functional characterisation of human monocyte subpopulations derived from chronic periodontitis patients in response to heterogeneous lipopolysaccharide of Porphyromonas gingivalis and implications in periodontal pathogenesis – Co-I
  • A double-blinded randomised clinical trial on the clinical efficacy of combinatorial probiotic and non-surgical periodontal therapy for patients with Stage III periodontitis – PI
  • A double-blinded prospective randomised clinical trial on the efficacy of probiotics when used as an adjunctive to non-surgical periodontal treatment in smokers with Stage III periodontitis – PI

Publications and/or Research Projects

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