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Allied Health Professionals

Many Talents, One Passion

Allied health professionals play vital roles in the different aspects of investigative work and therapeutic care for patients. As important members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, they work alongside doctors and nurses to provide holistic and high quality healthcare.

NDCS' allied health professionals are experts in their fields of practice. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, they are empowered to make independent assessment and decisions on the care for patients.

Allied Health Disciplines at NDCS

Profession Job Description
Oral Health TherapistOral health therapists advocate the importance of oral health care. They are responsible for maintaining patients' oral health and prescribing preventive measures for oral diseases. They also treat and manage patients with gum disease under the guidance of dentists.



Radiographers perform radiographic procedures independently to produce diagnostic quality images for radiological interpretation to help diagnose or treat patients' conditions.