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The NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund helps needy patients with financial assistance by seeing  them through dental treatments. Without support, these patients would have to live with ongoing pain and discomfort and, in some instances, poor chewing function due to lost teeth.

You can be involved in the following ways to support our needy patients in defraying the cost of their dental treatment, which they may otherwise opt not to receive.

Download our form
Plan a Legacy Gift
In-kind donation​


Be your own fundraiser

Fundraising Partnerships

Organising fundraising campaigns together

Establish Professorships
Recognising professorship who embody the highest standards of academic excellence and their contributions in advancing medicine through breakthroughs in research, teaching and clinical outcomes

Your support will enable these patients to access the treatment they need, regain their dignity and enjoy better quality of life, which will contribute to their overall health and wellbeing. You will receive 2.5 times tax deduction from your donation.

To make a donation, head to our giving.sg page or download this form. You can also contact the NDCS Development Office at development@ndcs.com.sg.

NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund