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Why Give

The mouth is a window into a person’s general health. Poor oral health is associated with heart disease, dementia, and respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Dental conditions can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, if left ignored and untreated for reasons of unawareness or limited financial resources.

At National Dental Centre Singapore, our mission is to help the needy and underserved gain access to oral healthcare, and to enhance the way that oral healthcare is delivered to enable those with dental conditions to return to normal function and regain dignity and self-esteem. We provide support to needy patients by supplementing the support they receive through subsidies and Medifund.

Since its establishment in 2007, the NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund has helped over 3,000 patients. These patients needed procedures such as extractions, scaling and polishing, dentures, and periodontal treatment. Apart from such patients, we support those who need more complex treatments; in particular, head and neck cancer patients with oral/facial defects.

Making discoveries that translate to new solutions and services in dentistry is a core part of our efforts to improve patient care. Our clinician-scientists work on four main areas with the greatest potential for translation of discoveries to clinical application, namely:

  • Clinical Tissue Engineering
  • Oral Devices and Therapeutics
  • Oral Health and General Health
  • Oral Health and Ageing

When you give to our causes for needy patients and research and education, you are making an impact on the dental care and oral health of Singaporeans of today, and for generations to come.

To make a donation, head to our giving.sg page or download this form.