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Why Give

Mdm Lim*, a cancer survivor, could not eat properly with just 10 teeth left. Being a single mum supporting 2 school going children, her own health was not her priority. When you give to the NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund, you can help beneficiaries like Mdm Lim. The set of dentures from Tooth Fairy Fund enabled her to eat better, and the healthier meals have led to her improved journey to recovery.

The mouth is a window into a person’s general health. Poor oral health is associated with heart disease, dementia, and respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Dental conditions can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, if left ignored and untreated for reasons of unawareness or limited financial resources. Mdm Lim is one example how quality of life is compromised when one loses their teeth. A national study shows that 31% of our elderly have no teeth at all and 30% of them do not have dentures.

The NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund's mission is to help the needy and underserved gain access to oral healthcare and enable those with dental conditions to return to normal function and regain dignity and self-esteem. 

The fund also supports Research and Education initiatives to spearhead new discoveries and to train specialists for the betterment of oral care for future generations.

3 Pillars of NDCS - Clinical, Research & Education

Your gift can make a difference! To make a donation, head to our giving.sg page or download this form.

*Patient's name has been changed