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Dental Trauma In Children

Dental Trauma In Children - What it is

Dental Trauma in Children

Dental emergencies and injuries in children can occur anytime, although studies show that such injuries occur most frequently between ages 1 to 3 when toddlers learn to walk, and ages 8 to 11 when children participate actively in contact sports.

Approximately 30% of children experience dental injuries. Parents, caregivers and teachers have a big role to play when the children under their charge encounter a dental emergency.

Prompt treatment is essential for the long-term health of an injured tooth. Obtaining dental care within 30 minutes can sometimes make the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

Dental Trauma In Children - Symptoms

Dental Trauma In Children - Diagnosis

Dental Trauma In Children - Preparing for surgery

Dental Trauma In Children - Other Information

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