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Infant Oral Health Programme

​Dental caries is the most common chronic disease in children. 1 in 2 preschool children has early childhood caries (ECC).

While ECC is prevalent, it is a preventable disease. Early dental visits allow preventive advice to be given to caregivers before any tooth decay occurs. If tooth decay is present at a young age, early interventions can be made to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage.

The objective of the Infant Oral Health Programme (NDCS IOHP) is to help the child develop good oral health and oral health behaviours at an early age. It is recommended for a child to have his/her first oral assessment at 1 year old or 6 months after the first tooth erupts.

NDCS's paediatric dentists will help manage your infant's risk of tooth decay, age-specific problems etc.

IExamination of a 1-year-old child using the knee-to-knee positionn addition to a focus on preventing tooth decay, we hope to be a part of your child's developmental journey by building rapport and teaching him/her to manage their anxiety in a dental setting. This can have life-long effects on their outlook towards oral health care.

When you bring your baby for his/her first dental checkup, our paediatric dentist will assess his/her eligibility for the NDCS IOHP.

Your baby is eligible for the IOHP if he/she:

  1. Is 1 year old
  2. Had his/her first tooth erupt within the last 6 months

The NDCS IOHP package consists of 4 reviews.**

For enquiries, please contact iohp@ndcs.com.sg.

**Additional charges will be applicable if treatment is rendered. Review fees will be charged from the fifth visit onwards. There will be no refunds if parents are to discontinue the IOHP package. Your child will be discharged from our care if he/she has missed an appointment for more than 12 months.