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Aims and Scope

The GLOBICS is dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific evidence from Oral Health Birth Cohort Studies (OHBCS) on chronic oral conditions. We bring together a network of researchers from various countries who are leaders of OHBCS to work towards the following aims: 

  1. Enable data pooling to make comparing findings from OHBCS easier, enhance statistical power, and enrich collaboration and harmonisation of methods.

  2. Assist more recently established OHBCS teams learn from more long-standing studies' experiences and identify possibilities for and facilitate new OHBCS in low- and middle-income countries.

  3. Provide training for future generations of researchers. 

  4. Deliver real oral health impacts by working closely with policymakers and health professionals, influencing relevant transformation in the promotion, prevention, and treatment of chronic oral diseases. 

For more information on GLOBICS, click here to read the press release.