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Dr Zayim Razina

Dr Razina Zayim


Research Fellow

National Dental Centre Singapore


​Dr Zayim Razina obtained her doctorate in Bioengineering at the Nanyang Technological University. After graduation, she joined National Dental Centre Singapore as a postdoctoral fellow to continue the development of a minimally invasive microneedle technology for the purpose of achieving dental anaesthesia. Her key research interest lies in developing innovations that can be translated towards improving patient experience and care. Dr Zayim Razina has published high impact papers in internationally recognised journals and had received accolades for her work.


  • PhD (Bioengineering) 2018​
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Bioengineering) 2012

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Research Fellow, National Dental Centre Singapore ​


  • SingHealth Publish Award 2022​
  • Best 10 Posters Award at Microneedles Conference (Vancouver) 2018
  • Research Travel Award from Microneedle Conference (Vancouver) 2018
  • Bronze Award at PhD Symposium (NTU) 2018
  • Best Poster Award at 2nd International Biophotonics Conference (Singapore) 2017

Research Interests

  • Medical Device Innovations 
Current Projects
  • Development of a Highly Conductive Microneedle Patch for Painless Dental Anaesthesia.
  • A clinical study: To evaluate the use of a novel activatable probe to detect malignancy in oral mucosal lesions
  • AeroShield - Simulations-Assisted Development of A Novel Biosafety Air Curtain for Aerosol-Generating Dental Procedures


  • Targeted Delivery of Anaesthetic Agents to Bone Tissues using Conductive Microneedles Enhanced Iontophoresis for Painless Dental Anaesthesia. Razina Z. Seeni, Mengjia Zheng, Daniel Chin Shiuan Lio, Christian Wiraja, Mohammed Fridaus Bin Yusoff, William Teck Yeow Koh, Yuchun Liu, Bee Tin Goh, Chenjie Xu. Advanced Functional Materials. 2021 Aug, 31, 2105686. ​
  • Iron-oxide nanoparticles powered micro optical coherence tomography for in situ imaging the penetration and swelling of polymeric microneedles in skin. Razina Z. Seeni, Xiaojun Yu , Hao Chang , Peng Chen, Chenjie Xu. “” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2017 May, 9(24), 20340-20347.
  • A Swellable Microneedle Patch to Rapidly Extract Skin Interstitial Fluid for Timely Metabolic Analysis. Hao Chang, Mengjia Zheng, Xiaojun Yu, Aung Than, Razina Z. Seeni, Rongjie Kang, Jingqi Tian, Duong Phan Khanh, Linbo Liu, Peng Chen, Chenjie Xu. Advanced Materials. 2017 July, 29, 1702243.
  • In vivo studies of transdermal nanoparticle delivery with microneedles using photoacoustic microscopy. Razina Z. Seeni, Mohesh Moothanchery, Chenjie Xu, Manojit Pramanik. Biomedical Optics Express. 2017 November, 8(12):5483-5492.
  • Nanoparticles for Improved Topical Drug Delivery for Skin Diseases”. Perspectives in Micro- and Nanotechnology for Biomedical Applications. Razina Z. Seeni, Sangeetha Krishnamurthy , Juliana M. Chan. Perspectives in Micro- and Nanotechnology for Biomedical Applications. 2016 September, 275-294.

Research Trials

  • A Comparative Anxiety and Pain Study for Local Anesthesia Delivery in Dentistry – Conductive Microneedles and Iontophoresis vs Syringe and Needle, 2021​