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Our Researchers

 Research Leads

Asst Prof Yu Na
Director, Health Technology Innovation 

chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne

A/Prof. Fábio R. M. Leite

              SOMI Lead, NDRIS                    Principal Investigator, ORH ACP

Marco Peres        Prof Marco Peres
Director, SOPI Lead, NDRIS
Academic Vice Chair, Research, ORH ACP



Cl A/Prof Goh Bee Tin
Academic Chair, ORH ACP

Lui Jeen Nee

Cl A/Prof Lui Jeen Nee
Academic Vice Chair, Clinical and Regional Health, ORH ACP


Academic Vice Chair, Education ORH ACP

Mimi Yow

Cl A/Prof Mimi Yow
Researcher, NDRIS
Researcher, NDRIS


       Christina Sim

        Cl A/Prof Christina Sim           Director, Clinical Research, ORH ACP

      Karen Peres
A/Prof Karen Peres
Principal Investigator, ORH ACP

A/Prof Gustavo G. Nascimento
Principal Investigator, ORH ACP

Researcher, NDRIS


​          Chee Hoe Kit

  Researcher, NDRIS

Hemant Vijaykumar Unadkat

Clinician Scientist, ORH ACP

      Foo Lean Heong Lennie

Researcher, NDRIS


Director, Graduate Education, ORH ACP

Wu Siwen

Researcher, NDRIS

​      Lim Wen Yi

Researcher, NDRIS

Research Fellow, ORH ACP


Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Research Fellow, ORH ACP


                   Dr Ashish Kalhan                   Research Fellow, NDRIS


Research Fellow, ORH ACP

                 Dr Jeffry Hartanto                 Research Fellow, NDRIS


          Dr Ethiraj Lalith Prabha            Research Fellow, NDRIS


                   Dr Upul Cooray                         Research Fellow, NDRIS


                 Dr Shilpa Sarawagi                    Research Associate, NDRIS


                 Ms Haswani Sungit                    Research Associate, NDRIS



              Ms Czarmaine Masigla                 Research Associate, NDRIS


                        Dr Li Huihua                         Senior Biostatistician, NDRIS


                      Ms Tor Tian Hui                      Research Officer, NDRIS


                     Mr Mark Goh                      Research Officer, NDRIS


​Research Administrators


                 Dr Yeo Chun Kiat                                  Manager, Research


                   Ms Shen Guifeng                   Assistant Manager, Research

                 Mr Saw Shen Yee                           Assistant Manager, Research

                     Ms Joey Tay                                 Senior Executive, Research

                   Ms Low See Wee                            Senior Executive, Research

            Ms Chen Yitong  
               Executive, Research

​Clinical Research Coordinators

                     Ms Danielle Tan         Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

    Ms Tan Mei Chee      Clinical Research Coordinator

           Ms Jobeth Lim             Clinical Research Coordinator

     Ms Kaelyn Tang      Clinical Research Coordinator


     Ms Ong Jing Qing       Clinical Research Coordinator