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Our Researchers

Research Leads

Goh Bee Tin

Cl A/Prof Goh Bee Tin

Director, SOFI Lead, NDRIS
Academic Vice Chair
Research, ORH ACP

chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne

A/Prof Chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne

Principal Investigator, ORH ACP
Director, International Affairs, ORH ACP
Director, Basic and Translational Research, ORH ACP

Marco Peres

Prof Marco Peres

Senior Principal Investigator, ORH ACP
Director, Health Services Research, ORH ACP



Poon Choy Yoke

Cl A/Prof Poon Choy Yoke

Academic Chair, ORH ACP

Teoh Khim Hean

Cl A/Prof Teoh Khim Hean

Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Services, ORH ACP

Calvin Chin

Cl A/Prof Marianne Ong

 Academic Vice Chair, Education, ORH ACP
Director, Graduate Education, ORH ACP

Mimi Yow

Cl A/Prof Mimi Yow

Researcher, NDRIS

Chew Ming Tak

Cl A/Prof Chew Ming Tak

Researcher, NDRIS

Christina Sim

Cl A/Prof Christina Sim

Director, Clinical Research, ORH ACP

Karen Peres

A/Prof Karen Peres

Principal Investigator, ORH ACP

Cl Asst Prof Bien Lai

Researcher, NDRIS

Cl Asst Prof Lui Jeen Nee

Director, Postgraduate & Continuing Professional Education, ORH ACP

Asst Prof Hemant Vijaykumar Unadkat

Clinician Scientist, ORH ACP

Yu Na

Asst Prof Yu Na

Director, Medical Technology, ORH ACP

Liu Yuchun

Dr Liu Yuchun

Junior Principal Investigator, NDRIS

Chelsia Sim

Dr Chelsia Sim

Researcher, NDRIS

Foo Lean Heong Lennie

Dr Lennie Foo Lean Heong

Researcher, NDRIS

Song Yi Lin

Dr Song Yi Lin

Researcher, NDRIS

Wu Siwen

Dr Wu Siwen

Director, Clinical Services - Community Partnership, ORH ACP

Lim Wen Yi

Dr Lim Wen Yi

Researcher, NDRIS

Edwin Goh

Dr Edwin Goh

Researcher, NDRIS

Matthew Lau

Dr Matthew Lau

Researcher, NDRIS

Thanuja Darshani Herath

Dr Thanuja Darshani Herath

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Tanujaa Suriyanarayanan

Dr ​Tanujaa Suriyanarayanan

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Charles Lau

Dr Charles Lau

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Jennifer Wong

Dr Jennifer Wong

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

 Pang Li Mei

Dr Pang Li Mei

Research Fellow, ORH ACP
Preethi Prajod

Dr Preethi Prajod

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Zayim Razina

Dr Zayim Razina

Research Fellow, ORH ACP

Teng Ya Wen

Ms Teng Ya Wen

Research Associate, ORH ACP