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Andrew Rugg-Gunn    

Degrees and Diplomas

B.D.S. London University 1963

L.D.S.R.C.S. Roy. Coll. Surg. Eng. 1963

Ph.D. Manchester University 1972

F.D.S.R.C.S. Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin. 1975

D.Sc. London University 1990



Education and employmentUndergraduate at The London Hospital Medical College Dental School, University of London - holder of Armed Forces Lord Kitchener Scholarship: 1958-1963

Constance Klein Prize in Children's Dentistry 1962

Dental Branch of Royal Navy - Five-year Short Service Commission 1963-1968

University of Manchester Dental School 1968-1972

Colgate Research Fellow in Dental Epidemiology, Department of Preventive Dentistry.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne Dental School 1972-2001

1972-1979 Lecturer in Preventive Dentistry in the Departments of Child Dental Health and Oral Physiology.

1979-1988 Reader in Preventive Dentistry in the Departments of Child Dental Health and Oral Physiology. Honorary Consultant in Dental Surgery, Newcastle Health Authority.

1988-1992 Professor of Preventive Dentistry. Honorary Consultant.

      1993-2001 Professor of Preventive Dentistry and Head of the Department of Child Dental Health. Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, Newcastle Dental Hospital.

      1994-2001 Co-Director, Human Nutrition Research Centre, Newcastle University.

      1996-2001 Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Nutrition and Oral Health.

      2001- Professor Emeritus, Newcastle University.

      Prizes and Awards

      1979   Wisdom Research Award

      1987   Van den Burghs and Jurgens National Reporting Award in Human Nutrition

      1990   Honorary Associate of the British Dietetic Association

      1991   Community Dental Health Journal Award

      1993   E.W. Borrow Memorial Award, International Association for Dental Research

      1996   H. Trendley Dean Award, International Association for Dental Research

      1996   ORCA Annual Rolex Prize, European Organisation for Caries Research

      1999   John Tomes Medal, British Dental Association

      1999   King James IV Professorship, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

      2002   Miller Prize, FDI World Dental Federation

      2010   Honorary Life Member, British Society of Paediatric Dentistry

      2010   Honorary Life Member, British Dental Association

      2016   Honorary Life Member, Faculty of Public Health

      2021   Honorary Life Member, Nutrition Society

      Prestigious lectures

      1990   Evelyn Sprawson Memorial Lecture, Royal London Hospital.

      1991   MIA Inaugural Lecture, Sheffield University.

      1995   Lectio Magistralis, University of Padua

      2001   Founders’ and Benefactors’ Lecture, Newcastle University

      2001   King James IV Professorship Lecture, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

      2017   Colgate Eminent Speaker, IADR Australia and New Zealand Division

      Committees and Societies

      1987-89    Member, Department of Health COMA panel on Dietary Sugars and Human Disease

      1989          President of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry

      1992-99    Scientific Editor, British Dental Journal

        1993-96    Chairman of the British Association for Toothfriendly Sweets

            1997-03    Chairman of the BDA Food Accreditation Panel

              1997-99    Chairman of the IADR Ethics in Dental Research Committee

              2000-01    Chairman of the IADR H Trendley Dean Awards Committee

                1997-03    Consultant Advisor on Dental Research to the Chief Medical Officer

                  1999-00    President of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry

                    2001-06    Member, Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

                      2003-        Trustee, The Borrow Foundation (Chair 2015-)

                      2004-10    Trustee, Eastman Foundation for Oral Research and Training

                      2004-10    Consultant Advisor, National Fluoride Information Centre, Manchester University

                      External examiner

                      Universities: London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Cork, Kuopio, Bergen, Adelaide, Hong Kong, Otago.

                      Royal College of Surgeons: Edinburgh, Dublin.

                      Research interests

                      Preventive dentistry, fluoride, nutrition and diet, epidemiology, paediatric dentistry, dental public health. Supervised 9 PhD and 2 DDS students.