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Yap Xin Ying, Senior Oral Hygiene Therapist

Deployed to Expo Community Care Facility

Yap Xin Ying.JPG

Xin Ying on duty at Expo Hall 10



I am one of four leaders in charge of Expo Hall 10, which is an admitting hall that handles all incoming patients before they are assigned to a bed. I manage a team of 52 people, and ensure that operations go smoothly. The first week of operations was chaotic as we weren't sure what to do. It was challenging to deal with daily changes. I am grateful that my team members recognised that uncertainty is part and parcel of the job, and were able to go with the flow.

Two weeks in, things have settled down. I am still adjusting to shift work, as we work in two rotating 12-hour shifts. It is definitely stressful to work at the CCF, but not something I cannot overcome. There is a lingering fear of catching COVID-19 and it is a wake-up call to be more careful with infection control procedures. I moved out of my home just to ensure that my family members do not catch the virus from me.


I've experienced personal growth through this experience. I now focus on the important things, and have a stronger sense of purpose in life. I've also discovered new reserves of resilience, learned to be more flexible and fluid, and am a better team member and leader.