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What Type of Braces are Available? 

There are many different types of braces, each suited to a particular type of problem. The best type of appliance for you will be advised by the Orthodontist. 

Removable appliances can be used for simple problems in younger patients (usually under age 11) or as part of a plan involving fixed braces. These are plastic plates with wires and clips and can be individualised for different patients. 

Fixed braces consist of small squares of metal or ceramic (brackets), bonded to teeth by dental adhesive. linked together by orthodontic wires. These wires are held in place by means of elastics (the ‘colours’ that you see on patients’ teeth when they have braces on) or mechanically by ‘doors’ on the brackets (as in self-ligating bracket systems such as the Damon system). 

Invisalign is a system utilising sequential clear removable aligners which gradually straighten teeth when worn 20-22 hours daily. They are less conspicuous than conventional braces, and it is easy to maintain good oral hygiene as the appliance can be removed to facilitate tooth brushing. Invisalign is a good alternative treatment modality for patients who are not keen to have fixed braces placed. 

Lingual braces are fixed braces which are attached to the back of the teeth (inner surface) and not the front. This means they are truly invisible so you can continue to smile with confidence throughout treatment. Because lingual braces are not visible they are ideal for adults or older teenagers who are concerned about the appearance of traditional fixed braces. Lingual braces are invisible when the patient smiles. 

Your Orthodontist will be the best person to recommend the appliance best suited to your lifestyle and mal-occlusion.
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