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Burch Colposuspension

Burch Colposuspension - What it is

​It is a well established abdominal operation to treat female stress urinary incontinence. The aim of the surgery is to lift the bladder neck to the strong ligaments on the pelvic bones using sutures.

The surgery may be done concurrently with other procedures, like removing the womb (uterus), for benign conditions such as uterine fibroids or uterine prolapse.

burch colpsuspension conditions & treatments

Why Is It Performed?

It is performed to cure female stress urinary incontinence caused by a loose and hypermobile bladder neck. The success rate is 85% at 1 year; 80% at 5 years and 70% at 10 years after surgery.

What are the bladder specific complications in burch colposuspension?

They are:

  • Recurrence or persistent urinary incontinence
  • Need to go to the toilet frequently
  • The sudden and sometimes uncontrollable urge to pass urine
  • Unable to empty the bladder completely, which may lead to prolonged catheterisation or intermittent self-catheterisation while awaiting for the return of normal bladder function
  • Prolapse of the womb and the rectum

Burch Colposuspension - Symptoms

Burch Colposuspension - How to prevent?

Burch Colposuspension - Diagnosis

Burch Colposuspension - Other Information

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