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Cardiac Catheterisation

Cardiac Catheterisation: What is it, | National Heart Centre Singapore

Cardiac Catheterisation - What it is

Cardiac catheterisation is a procedure where a catheter is introduced into the heart via peripheral arteries or veins. This is passed into the chambers of the heart to find out detailed information about the heart and coronary arteries. This is usually performed after other tests have found positive for abnormal results.


It is mainly used to assess the severity and extent of the disease. It can show exact site and severity of any narrowing of the coronary arteries. This will help the doctor decide what treatment the patient requires.

Cardiac Catheterisation - Symptoms

Cardiac Catheterisation - How to prevent?

Cardiac Catheterisation - Causes and Risk Factors

Cardiac Catheterisation - Diagnosis

Cardiac Catheterisation - Treatments

Cardiac Catheterisation - Preparing for surgery

Cardiac Catheterisation - Post-surgery care

Cardiac Catheterisation - Other Information

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