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Caries - Symptoms

Caries - How to prevent?

Caries - Causes and Risk Factors

  1. Poor oral hygiene
  2. Consumption of sugary foods and drinks
  3. Frequent snacks between meals
  4. Inadequate saliva flow and function
  5. At the National Dental Centre Singapore we not only treat the effects of the caries disease, i.e. cavities, pulp death, infection, etc, we also help you to identify the risk factors contributing to the progress of your disease. We are then able to customise a caries management programme to help you control the disease more effectively.

Caries disease is a totally preventable disease, and with correct intervention, early caries can be reversed. A simple Caries Assessment Test (CAT) can be carried out to assess your risk for caries disease. Prevention is better than cure and in the case of dental caries, prevention is certainly more cost-effective, less time-consuming and best of all, pain-free!

Adult caries treatment at National Dental Centre Singapore

Caries - Treatments

Caries - Preparing for surgery

Caries - Post-surgery care

Caries - Other Information

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