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Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle - What it is

Foot and Ankle Injuries Singapore General HospitalThe foot and ankle bears the stress of our body weight as we go about our daily activities. This stress is relentless. As we walk over uneven ground, it allows us to accommodate to the undulation, further adding stress to the numerous joints in the foot.

Fashionable footwear has further added problems as women squeeze their feet into shoes of all shapes and sizes. Sporting injuries and fractures are also very common in the foot.

The critical thing about the foot is that an injury or abnormality in one joint, can rapidly cause additional injuries to its neighbouring joints due to the close proximity and relationships. Hence, prompt diagnosis and appropriate management is crucial to having a good outcome.

Foot and Ankle - Symptoms

Foot and Ankle - How to prevent?

Foot and Ankle - Preparing for surgery

Foot and Ankle - Post-surgery care

Foot and Ankle - Other Information

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