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Parasomnias in Adults

Parasomnias in Adults - Symptoms

Parasomnias in Adults - How to prevent?

Parasomnias in Adults - Causes and Risk Factors

Parasomnias in Adults - Diagnosis

Parasomnias in Adults - Treatments

Management of NREM-related Parasomnias

NREM-related parasomnias management

If you suspect that you are suffering from NREM parasomnias, seek appropriate medical attention to rule out other medical conditions or medications which can cause parasomnias.

You may need further investigations, such as a polysomnogram, to confirm the diagnosis by ruling out other sleep disorders. NREM parasomnias in adults are often treated with good sleep hygiene, avoidance of precipitating drugs, avoidance of sleep deprivation and discontinuation of stimulants, such as caffeine.

General safety measures should be put in place when a person has been diagnosed with parasomnias. The environment has to be made safe, i.e. to lock doors and windows, remove dangerous items and other hazards.

Family members should be aware of this condition, and educated on how to tackle gently when the person is having an episode of parasomnia without confronting the person.

Treatment with medicines, particularly a low dose of clonazepam, is useful in selected cases where the parasomnias are not responding to non-pharmacological treatment and the episodes are frequent and injurious to the person.

Management of REM-related Parasomnias

REM-related parasomnias diagnosis

Patients suspected of suffering from REM-related parasomnias need to be thoroughly evaluated by a physician and undergo a polysomnogram for diagnostic purposes.

Once diagnosed with this type of parasomnia, particularly RBD, safety precautions in the sleeping environment has to be properly followed. RBD can be effectively treated with medications, such as Melatonin and Clonazepam.

The patient has to avoid certain type of antidepressants which can precipitate RBD, followed by consulting the physician to look out for neurodegenerative conditions, as previously mentioned.

Parasomnias in Adults - Preparing for surgery

Parasomnias in Adults - Post-surgery care

Parasomnias in Adults - Other Information

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