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Fertility Injections

Drug Class: Commonly Known As: Category:
Gonal-F, Puregon, Menopur, Rekovelle, Pergoveris, Elonva, Orgalutran, Cetrotide, Decapeptyl, Ovidrelrotide

Fertility Injections - What is it for

Fertility medications remain the primary treatment for women to enhance reproductive fertility. There are oral and injectable fertility drugs. This leaflet will only cover specific fertility injections. 

You will need to take these medications to stimulate your ovaries to develop and release mature eggs ready for fertilization. These will help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Your doctor will decide on the best medication for you.

Some of the common fertility injections include:

  • Gonal-F®, Puregon®, Menopur®, Rekovelle®, Pergoveris®, Elonva®
    • This injection works in the development and maturation of the follicles (which contain eggs)
  • Orgalutran®, Cetrotide®, Decapeptyl®
    • This injection works by preventing early release of the egg
  • Ovidrel®
    • This injection works by stimulating the release of mature eggs.
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