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Endodontics is concerned with the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pulp and peri-radicular diseases. Common causes of pulp and peri-radicular conditions include caries, cracks and dental trauma.
The Endodontic Unit provides endodontic treatments to conserve teeth that will otherwise have to be extracted, with the use of specialised equipment such as the dental operating microscope, ultrasonics and digital imaging. Endodontists are also trained to perform root canal treatments on teeth with complex dental anatomy or obstructed root canals, re-treatments of previously treated teeth and endodontic microsurgeries.

Clinical Specialties & Services

  • Diagnosis of oro-facial pain from pulp and peri-radicular origin
  • Management of pulp and peri-radicular disease
    • Vital pulp therapy
    • Regenerative endodontic therapy
    • Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)
    • Endodontic re-treatment (root canal re-treatment)
    • Endodontic microsurgery
  • Management of endodontic complications
  • Management of trauma to the tooth
  • Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
  • Non-vital bleaching


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