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Grants - 2019

SingHealth / Duke-NUS / SingHealth Duke-NUS

Name of Grant ​Project Title ​PI ​Grant Quantum (S$)
​Academic Medicine Philanthropic Fund FY19​National Dental Research Institute Singapore (“NDRIS”)​CI A/Prof Goh Bee Tin​4,796,743.00
​SingHealth Regional Health System Population Health Development Programme (PHDP) grant ​Singapore Oral Health Movement 8020​Dr Chan Pei Yuan​399,773.00
​SingHealth Regional Health System Population Health Development Programme (PHDP) grant ​Tele-Dentistry supported Oral Care programme for Seniors (T-DOCS) ​CI A/Prof Christina Sim​492,786.00
​SingHealth Duke-NUS Oral Health Academic Clinical Programme Research Support Programme Grant ​Pitch for Funds​Dr Edwin Liu​120,000.00
​SingHealth RHS (PULSES) Centre Grant Seed Grant​Assessing the validity of a computer-assisted dental telephone interview as a proxy for dental clinical examination among adults​CI A/Prof Christina Sim ​50,000.00
​SingHealth Duke-NUS Oral Health Clinical Programme Clinical Innovation Support Programme Grant​Novel short-wavelength ultraviolet light-emitting diode based SMART disinfection chamber for dental alginate impressions and its clinical use​Dr Mathew Lau​50,000.00

A*STAR / MOH / Others

Name of GrantProject TitlePIGrant Quantum (S$)
​National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster @ NTUitive (NAMIC@NTUitive)​A novel technique using patient-specific polycaprolactone-tricalcium phosphate scaffold with adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for alveolar ridge augmentation​CI A/Prof Goh Bee Tin​150,000.00
​National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster ​Using Computer-aided-design and three-dimensional printing in the fabrication of arch bars for jaw surgeries​Dr Song Yi Lin​60,000.00