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Grants - 2021


Name of Grant ​Project Title ​PI ​Grant Quantum (S$)
​Clinician Scientist Award (INV category) ​A Smart Digital Workflow Towards High Precision and Throughput Production for Removable Partial Dentures​Asst Prof Yu Na ​1,275,000.00
​CS-IRG New Investigator Grant​Oral health, oral microbiome and salivary immunome in gestational diabetes mellitus​Dr Preethi Prajod​200,000.00
​Open Fund - Young Individual Research Grant​Autologous neutrophil-infused PCL-TCP scaffold for bone tissue engineering: therapeutic efficacy in a clinically relevant rabbit mandibular model and molecular mechanism​Dr Thanuja DK Herath​250,000.00

SingHealth / Duke-NUS / SingHealth Duke-NUS

Name of GrantProject TitlePIGrant Quantum (S$)
​SingHealth Duke-NUS Oral Health Academic Clinical Programme Clinical & Systems Innovation Support Grant ​Development of a smartphone software application for dental screening and the automated identification of malocclusions​Dr Low Yuxuan​64,000.00

A*STAR / MOH / Others

Name of GrantProject TitlePIGrant Quantum (S$)
​Joint Centre for Technology and Development Grant​Development of Intelligent Design System for Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)​Asst Prof Yu Na ​25,000.00
​Joint Centre for Technology and Development Grant​CannuSlide: A Multifunctional, Expandable High Volume Evacuator for Capture of Aerosols & Splatters during Dental Procedures​Dr Liu Yuchun​45,350.00
​The Borrow Foundation Grant​Oral health birth cohort studies: A global consortium​A/Prof Karen Peres​127,000.00