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Dr Lim Wen Yi

  • Researcher, NDRIS
  • Associate Consultant, Endodontic Unit, Restorative Department, NDCS
  • Part-time PhD Candidate, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University
  • NUS Part-time Lecturer – Postgraduate Endodontic Programme
  • ORH ACP Duke-NUS Adjunct Faculty Member

Dr Lim began her research journey back when she was an endodontic resident where she pursued the learning of pulp histological techniques with the renown Dr Domenico Ricucci. Following the successful defense of her Master’s thesis on the histology of dental pulps indicated for vital pulp therapy, she persisted in her interest in the field of pulp biology. She was awarded the Oral Health ACP Budding Clinician Researcher Award to work with Professor David Becker on the study of a gap junction protein, connexin 43, in dental pulps. This collaboration evolved into her pursuing her PhD with Professor Becker, while she maintains part-time clinical practice in endodontics. Her current doctorate research allows her to delve into the basic science and translational aspects of modulating connexin 43 in the treatment of pulpitis (dental pulp inflammation). Her research skillset includes clinical trials, wet-bench lab research and animal model studies (rodent/porcine).

Research focus areas

  • Dental pulp inflammation, vital pulp therapy, regenerative endodontics, pulp biology

Current Projects

  • Correlation of haemostatic control and pulp histology after partial pulpotomy – PI
  • Role of connexins 43 in pulpal inflammation – PI
  • Correlation between pulpal inflammatory markers and clinical outcomes of partial pulpotomy – Collaborator
  • An analysis of persistent disease following modern endodontic microsurgery as Co-PI

Publications and/or research projects

  1. Lui JN, Lim WY, Ricuci D. An immunofluorescence study to analyze wound healing outcomes of regenerative endodontics in an immature premolar with chronic apical abscess Manuscript accepted in Journal of Endodontics 2020.
  2. Lim WY (2016). Correlation of pulp histology with haemostatic control after partial pulpotomy (Masters dossier). National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  3. Lim WY, Ode W, Tay CX, eds. Anatomical Challenges in Endodontics: Identification & Management. Faculty of Dentistry, Singapore, 2015. ISBN: 978-981-09-5137-5.