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Paving the Way for the Next Generation of Dental Professionals

The SingHealth Associate in Education (AIE) recognises healthcare educators for their dedication in teaching and nurturing future generations of healthcare professionals. Word of Mouth congratulates Dr Alethea Foong and Dr Wong Jin Lin, registrars from Restorative Dentistry on being mentors to the juniors.


Dr Alethea Foong (photo on the left) and Dr Wong Jin Lin, both Registrars at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontic Unit.

Both Dr Foong and Dr Wong were just as surprised as each other when they found out that they were nominated and subsequently won the SingHealth AIE award earlier this year. When asked about their motivations on being a clinical educator, both doctors shared that they were simply paying it forward, as they have benefitted from senior colleagues, mentors and teachers who had showed them the ropes and provided clarity to their work in their early years as dental officers.

An alumna of the residency training at NDCS, Dr Wong was inspired by his former seniors who helped shaped him to become what he is today. “My senior colleagues who had taught and inspired me in the past  have helped shaped me  be a better oral health professional . Being an educator allows me to ensure continuity in the health care system and to groom the next generation of health care workers to be ethical and professional.”

As for Dr Foong, she had received invaluable guidance and help from her own mentors and teachers. She is motivated by the prospect that the knowledge and experience she shares may be able to provide clarity and guidance to juniors through the steep learning curve of their careers. Being an educator also means that she is part of the team that will help build a future pipeline of healthcare professionals, which she feels is important.

“Educators impart not only knowledge, but also wisdom and value systems to students. They are critical in shaping the skills and character of future healthcare professionals, and ensuring that they have the necessary competence and empathy to provide the best patient care,” said Dr Foong.