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Earwax in Children

Earwax in Children - How to prevent?

Preventing earwax build-up

Earwax is a natural body secretion and there is no way to stop our body from secreting this substance. One of the ways to prevent impacted earwax is to avoid the use of cotton swabs in the ear canal.

The best way to clean the external ear is to wipe the outer opening with a damp washcloth folded over the index finger, without going into the ear canal.

Since the rate of earwax production varies from one individual to another, it is advisable to check your child’s ear at least once a month. If wax is beginning to build up, you can start using any of the available home remedies for softening wax.

Before using any eardrops, make sure that your child’s ear has no infection or eardrum perforation. If your child develops ear pain or ear discharge after using eardrops, immediately stop using the drops and seek professional advice. Children wearing hearing aids should also have their ears checked periodically for signs of wax impaction.

Earwax in Children - Causes and Risk Factors

Earwax in Children - Diagnosis

Earwax in Children - Preparing for surgery

Earwax in Children - Post-surgery care

Earwax in Children - Other Information

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