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Earwax in Children

Earwax in Children - Symptoms

The most common symptom associated with impacted earwax is mild hearing loss or ear fullness. This usually happens if the canal is completely blocked by earwax, otherwise hearing is maintained.

Impacted earwax is usually painless unless it touches the eardrum. An attempt to remove hard wax can cause abrasion and pain to the delicate ear canal skin. Water trapped inside the ear during a shower or after swimming will cause the wax to expand and can cause ear pain and sudden hearing loss.

Other symptoms associated with impacted wax in the ear include: ear itchiness, ringing in the ear and, on rare occasions, dizziness.

Earwax in Children - Causes and Risk Factors

Earwax in Children - Diagnosis

Earwax in Children - Preparing for surgery

Earwax in Children - Post-surgery care

Earwax in Children - Other Information

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